Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits
Moon Lamp DIY Kits

Moon Lamp DIY Kits

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Traditional handmade Turkish mosaic style Moon Lamp, you can order this product from anywhere accross United States.


Our Turkish Mosaic Lamp is 100% handmade produced by world famous Turkish art masters. After your orders are carefully produced, they are packaged in safe and high-strength packaging to make sure there is no damage done to the product. It is then shipped free of charge to your address as soon as possible.

All our products are guaranteed for 12 months.

Please note that although our artisans do their best to make exceptional quality mosaic lamps and Lamps, it is acceptable to have slight variations and some small imperfections on our products, as they are handmade products.

Additional Information: Traditional handmade table top Turkish mosaic lamps and Lamps are suitable for indoor use.

Lamp Height (cm): 48 cm (18.89 inch)

Glass Width (cm): 15 cm (5.9 inch)

Number of Bulbs: 1

Bulb Type: E14 or E12 Usa

Material: Metal & Glass

Wiring Required: No

Weight (gr): 3.000 gr (105 oz)

Embark on a Cultural Journey

Be part of United States's inaugural Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop right here in your city!

Join us for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to craft your own Mosaic Lamp in just 2.5 hours. Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the beauty of Turkish mosaic art by attending our enchanting art classes.

Share the Joy: Gather Your Friends

Create lasting memories with friends and family as you delve into the captivating world of this incredible artform.

Join us and embark on an enjoyable journey together, exploring the wonders of mosaic art at its finest.

Savor Turkish Tea: A Taste of Tradition

Discover the rich taste of Turkish tea&coffee at our captivating workshop. Experience the unique flavors of authentic Turkish drinks that will leave a lasting impression.

Awaken Your Inner Artist and Create

Indulge in 2.5 hours of pure relaxation and enjoyment as you immerse yourself in the world of mosaic art. Unwind while creating your masterpiece, and to make it even more delightful, we offer Turkish delight and tea to enhance your experience.

Join us for a delightful time of creativity, relaxation, and delicious treats.

Keep your own handcrafted mosaic lamp!

Proudly carry home your stunning mosaic lamp, then complete with a metal base and light bulb.

And make sure to showcase your one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a prominent spot in your home, highlighting your creativity to others.