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Glass Globe for Mosaic Lamp Description and Specifications

You can purchase a glass globe and extra colors and shapes alongside your DIY home kit to unlock your free creativity!

Choose any size of Glass Globe and don't forget to check our hand cut glass mosaic tiles and beads to give yourself different options and spice the design up!

We have a range of Glass globes suitable for different types of lamps. Please take note of the sizes below to ensure that you select the appropriate glass globe for your lamp type.

9 cm Glass Globe : Mini Table Lamp  - Small Moon Lamp

11 cm Glass Globe : Small Swan Lamp - Moon Lamp

13 cm Glass Globe : Short Table Lamp - Table Lamp - Aladdin Lamp - Swan Lamp- Rechargeable Camping Lamp - Ceiling and Floor lamps

15 cm Glass Globe : Ceiling and Floor Lamps

Choosing the right glass globe for your lamp type is important to ensure that it looks and functions at its best.

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Create lasting memories with friends and family as you delve into the captivating world of this incredible artform.

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Keep your own handcrafted mosaic lamp!

Proudly carry home your stunning mosaic lamp, then complete with a metal base and light bulb.

And make sure to showcase your one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a prominent spot in your home, highlighting your creativity to others.