Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads
Extra Tile & Beads

Extra Tile & Beads

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Tiles And Beads Description and Specifications

You can purchase extra colors and shapes alongside your DIY home kit to unlock your free creativity!

Choose any of our hand cut glass mosaic tiles and beads to give yourself different options and spice the design up!
Product Specifications: Glass Tiles and Beads

1. **Material:**
- Tiles: High-quality, durable glass material with excellent clarity and color vibrancy.
- Beads: Precision-crafted glass beads with a smooth and polished surface.

2. **Tile Size and Shape:**
- Standard tile size options available

3. **Color Options:**
- Wide range of vibrant and diverse color options for both tiles and beads.
- Custom color matching services available for specific project requirements.

4. **Finish:**
- Tiles: Offered in a variety of finishes, including glossy, matte, frosted, and iridescent options.
- Beads: Available in polished or matte finishes to suit different design aesthetics.

5. **Texture:**
- Tiles: Smooth surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Beads: Smooth and consistent texture for comfortable handling in various projects.

6. **Installation:**
- Tiles: Designed for easy installation with standard adhesives and grouts.
- Beads: Can be easily incorporated into various DIY projects, jewelry making, and crafts.

7. **Durability:**
- Tiles: Resistant to water, stains, and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
- Beads: Durable construction for lasting wear in jewelry and crafts.

8. **Packaging:**
- Tiles: Securely packaged to prevent breakage during transportation.
- Beads: Packaged in convenient quantities, ensuring ease of use and storage.

9. **Environmental Considerations:**
- Made from eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainability in manufacturing.
- Recyclable and non-toxic, contributing to environmentally conscious design choices.

10. **Compliance:**
- Conforms to relevant industry standards and regulations for safety and quality.

These specifications provide a comprehensive overview of the glass tiles and beads, ensuring customers have the necessary information to make informed decisions for their projects.

Hazard Warning for Glass Tiles and Beads:

  1. Sharp Edges:

    • Glass tiles may have sharp edges. Handle with care during installation to avoid injuries. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses.
  2. Breakage:

    • Glass tiles and beads can break upon impact. Take precautions during transportation, handling, and installation to prevent breakage. Dispose of broken pieces carefully. 
  3. Chemical Adhesives and Grouts:

    • During installation, be cautious when using chemical adhesives and grouts. Follow manufacturer's safety instructions, wear protective gear, and work in well-ventilated spaces.
  4. Eye Protection:

    • When working with glass beads, wear safety glasses to protect eyes from potential splinters, shards, or other eye hazards.
  5. Choking Hazard:

    • Keep small glass beads away from children and pets, as they pose a choking hazard. Store beads securely and avoid ingestion.
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